Monday, December 20, 2010

vacation babeh :)

heyya fellas , long time no see :) miss me ? of course you do ! haha . so many things , i mean boring and awesome things happened since we said byebye to school and hello holiday . now , at this moment , im spending some great times with my dearest family at homestay at Melaka . the atmosphere is awesome . finally some fresh air babyy ! haha . the house is like kampung style and facing the ocean . the wind is so refreshing and cool . away from the crowded and pollute city for awhile. you guys must be wondering what the hell im doing at Melaka , while the PMR's results will come out on 23 Disember . haha , yeah , im will not attending on that day (seriously !)
haha , just joking only . of course laa i have to attending that day ! Oh My God , im so scare,nervous, ancious and kinda excited also .huahuahua . we ate fresh crab , fish and vegetables here .haa , did you guys notice that my blog is like different ? actually with my cousin guide , then i can make it different . yeah aku nie buta IT sikit :) hahaha . its not that good but im trying to :) hope you guys dont judge me that bad okayy ! i have to go right now , have to get ready :) Go-kart yoo ! haha , toodles and assalammualaikum..

ps : im gonna miss he's beautiful today ! :(

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