Monday, December 13, 2010

oh my , for how long eh ?

ohh my ! for how long i'd been dissapeared..i miss you bloggie :( so sorry because ignored you for long totally out of idea right hand is like frozen..boring you know..i never thought that i say this but i kinda miss school..the teachers,the books even the toilets haha..i'd spent my time watching dvd,eat,sleep and sleep.. i think maybe you guys will say that im so out of seasons but yes , recently i'd been watching Boys Over Flower and the story is damn AWESOME..i laugh,cried even feel like want to smash my laptop when i watch this drama..thanks alee :) for a long time , i had a huge crush toward Lee Min Ho and his acts in BOF soooo da bomb..with his curly hair and egoistic makes him so attractive and charming..ohh, i loves you so much Lee Min Ho..i feel dissapointed too because im not accepted in SMTKL..i just want to spend my last two years of school in hostel.. i want to experience it myself..and i hope when the results out, i hope i'll get a good results that can take me to better place :) sorry la you guys , im not in good mood right now and my writing is like BONGOK jee :) i will be back , soon . byee..

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