Thursday, August 26, 2010

Charlie Bartlett

assalammualaikum dear B , haha B stands for bloggers . hmm , today is the day that i've been waiting for . The Last Day Of Examination ;) well freedom babe ! so the last papers are Geography and Kemahiran Hidup . Geography kinda sucks but Kemahiran Hidup , 50-50 . hmm , i hoping my Trial's results will be better than Diagnostic's results . hooopeee soo ! Charlie Bartlett , ouh gosh , he is one handsome boy . actually Charlie Bartlett is a movie . a teen-comedy movie . its about life of rich and entangled boy who like to help his friends . haha , i dont know how to explain about the movie but its soooo cool and hoott man ! i wish i could be like Charlie , always helping people without thnking his consequence. and special appereance is Robert Downey Jr as Charlie's principal and Susan Gardener' ( Charlie's girlfie) father . thats all yaww ;)

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