Saturday, June 12, 2010

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today .. nothing did happen . just boring old day . just being a jerk . not replying his text nor his call . i dont know why . what he said to me yesterday . its really hurt me . i just being childish . small matter . he said that im free . he let me go . he said that he never exist in my life just in dream . do you know ? my heart bleeding when you said that . i get it ! you just want to pay back what i've done right ? okay , fine . i never disturbing your life again. thanks for the forgiveness and being my friend . thanks a lot . yeah , today . he apologise . but i didnt return his text nor call. i dont know why ? what is happening to me ? am i being cruel for no reason ? im sorry . sorry for verything . i need some space to think . some space to breath . im sorry because im being such a jerk . just for a while . so , today i went to tuition class as usual . no mood today . but i managed to hide it from Afina and others . but i managed to change my mood . because i want to take it serious learning . i realised that now . i dont know if it's too late . but i got to try .
Mr.Magen teaches us circles 1 . kinda revision to me. haha . then , english's class . Mr .SangAli take over the class . yeah , it hilarious when he teaches us . haha . i miss my bestie . Nur Syamila bt Kamarul Arefin . i wish you were here . cheer up , fany ! hoho . okay i think i get my mood back . its nice to tell somebody what's bothering me . hoho .

insyaallah , i will update blog . later . soon . xoxo , me .

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