Tuesday, May 11, 2010

we did it , yeah :)

yeah , we did it ! haha.experiment yang tak menjadi semalam akhirnye BERJAYA ! huhu.that acidified potassium maganate berjaya jadi colourless .thats mean , the experiment is accomplished ! but ,unfortunately .something did happen.when iqin and vithia were doing the experiment to test about carbon dioxide in calcium carbonate and lime water.testtesttest ,panaskanpanaskan, then lime water tuh mengalir kat calcium carbonate then boomm ! actually , tak lahh kuat sangat . just a little pop !

urgh ! actually aku memang takde mood nak update blog because deadline for kerja kursus SEJARAH hari Khamis nie.so aku kena taip ,taip dan taip.

hasta la vista , dear stranger !

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